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Hmm... this is the spec I figured you were talking about... ok. So, in order to get Commanding Awe, which is probably a bit better than Inner Peace, and reduced cooldown on Awe, you've sacrificed an extra CC in hilt strike, and Freezing Force is no longer spammable. Also, you sacrificed reduced cooldown on force push, and your 4% shield chance, and of course, Inner Peace. I am not quite sure if that is worth it to be honest.
Yep. I still think it's worth it because of the increase in CC, up time (damage reduction) and increase in damage.

Now if the devs get smart and move commanding awe to the tanking tree jugg/guard tanks could have the tools to run 31 point. I don't know if they would ever do that because focused defense reduces threat which is a no-no for tanks in raids.

I say give it a shot and see what you think. I actually ran this spec in my min/max rage/focus gear a few times, it was really fun. Kind of like the old Iron Fist PT tank hybrid spec. It wasn't great at DPS or Tanking, but it was better than average at both.
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