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Sorry! I figured it missed it

Below is what I'm currently running. You can still do some decent DPS with this spec and can run it with a mix of DPS and tank gear (My saber/belt/bracer are DPS, modded 27s pve armorings). What's nice is that when you want to you can pretty much become unkillable (for 10seconds-ish) even without a healer. Popping cooldowns + WZ adrenal + your passive damage reduction means an entire team of 8 couldn't kill you before your cooldowns wear out. If you can somehow get a leap in there for the extra 20% damage reduction.... That's 94% damage reduction before taking armor into consideration (this is the unkillable part). You'll take so little damage in fact that your small heals from focused defense will probably keep you at 100% health.
Hmm... this is the spec I figured you were talking about... ok. So, in order to get Commanding Awe, which is probably a bit better than Inner Peace, and reduced cooldown on Awe, you've sacrificed an extra CC in hilt strike, and Freezing Force is no longer spammable. Also, you sacrificed reduced cooldown on force push, and your 4% shield chance, and of course, Inner Peace. I am not quite sure if that is worth it to be honest.