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Interesting to compare using that jugg/guard build. I personally think it's not a very effective build. Hilt strike / back hand adds too much resolve so it should be dropped (you pretty much explained why it's not great).

Also, anyone pvp tanking with a jugg/guard should be getting deafening defense / commanding awe. 4% constant damage reduction with an additional 15% when enraged / focused defense is activated (every 35 seconds). It also lowers the cooldown on the AOE mezz. Kind of like shadow's respite but it lasts longer, has a constant reduced damage %, heals you and gives you more AOE mezz. That single skill on the tree is make or break for jugg tanking (in my opinion). I also think it makes jugg/guardians the best pvp tanks. AND I also think it's crazy that it's 5th tier in a dps tree....

I may have missed it up there but I think you forgot intercede / guardian leap. Which pretty much gives a guard / jugg the ability to stack two AOE taunts (when used correctly). Most notably when saving someone under focus fire. This is a stand out for me.

A stand out for me on my shadow is using resilience + force cloak to buy more time, even when vastly outnumbered.

Also I don't think your comparison of resilience vs unremitting is completely accurate. Unremitting is pretty easy, flat 20% damage reduction and CC immunity for 4 seconds. Resilience only effects force/tech, it adds 100% resistance to these attacks, not immunity (yea in SWTOR they managed to create a difference between 100% resistance and immunity). Juggs cannot be hit with leg shot/slows/etc after leap, shadows can be stopped, shut down or killed many ways with resilience up.

I know I feel more tanky/useful when I'm tanking on my jugg. I can soak up more dps and keep people alive longer. That and my shadow can't throw people over walls in civil war

As to the OP. More nerfs, really? Shadow/sins aren't prime DPS in this game, they have their nitch (which almost always requires hybrid spec), let them fill it.
Hmm, I did talk about Guardian Leap/Intercede some, I did not mention the AoE taunt part of it though. I mentioned how it gave 8% self-heal with the vindicator 2 set bonus. I will admit, that even though I have a Shadow and a Guardian tank, my shadow tank is my main, and I've played my Guardian tank far less than my Shadow tank, so it's possible I may not know as much about the Guardian tank . What spec do you use?
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