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01.29.2013 , 11:44 AM | #22
Jorgan is a pain in the ***. The dude tells me he isn't concerned about his rank, he wants to 'be where the action is.' and is proud to be on Havoc Squad blasting imps to hell. Seeing as how he'd probably make a better drill instructor than CO, I pass him up, and he whines like i just declawed him.

That said, he has his pluses. Yeah he demands the best from his guys but he also wouldn't hesitate to say 'this is stupid.' about an order and he is willing to stand up to command.

Then again, so does [did] Elara, which was one of the reasons why her command hated her on Taris. They liked to bend the rules in an unfavorable manner and she called them out on it.

Both deserve the promotion for different reasons. However, I promoted Elara because Jorgan was simply too much like my Trooper.