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I detest Skadge. I find that he fits in with my crew about as well as a Lego does the carpet. He's literally painful for me to be around. I have maximized all rep with all of the companions with my Bounty Hunter with the exception of Skadge. He is at somewhere near -12,000 affection. Even Gault was easier for me (a light-side, honorable Mercenary) to stomach. I must also agree that Tharan is a narcissist to an unhealthy extreme and truly, deeply annoying at times. I have found that through the entire story lines of Knight, Consular, Trooper, Smuggler, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, and Agent as well as through Chapter 1 of the Warrior (no I don't have a life, and yes I play too much) that I don't truly DISLIKE any except Tharan and Skadge. I am not fond of the smugglers Risha or Gus, though Corso is by far one of my favorite companions, more than making up for those two, and Spar makes for a great romance.
If anyone is interested in playing with some of the most interesting and truly unique personalities the Imperial Agent does not have any unlikable companions. In my opinion Vector is one of the best developed character in the game, and Kaliyo's rough around the edges attitude makes her a fun challenge to please. For the soft-hearts there's Temple and Lokin for your strange science/words of wisdom guy. SCORPIO is fun to play because of her hatred for you. I, personally find that the IA is the best story line and has the most diverse yet awesome companion selection.