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Hey Uncle Atramar, Commando was my first class to 50, and I really like it but it is not viable in 50 PVP in any spec really. Oh wow they gave us a 30m interrupt?! Oh boy! That sure helps address my crippling lack of utility (LOLselfheals when you're in a DPS spec) or my inability to get any kind of sustained damage out under pressure in Assault or burst damage out under pressure in gunnery!

I get the cons of the class Uncle Atramar but I'm having a hard time seeing the pros. Maybe you should not spout ignorant tripe about a class whose issues you know nothing about? Thanks a ton Uncle Atramar!

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pros of commando/merc is easy to handle high damage for PVE.
self heals are lol, yes, but they are there.
I'm not saying mercs/commandos are good for pvp. but. if you don't see pros for a class in pvp, why keep playing it?
it's like 'i love stealth, but I play jugg, so give me stealth'
want interruptable turret class with lots of buttons? go sniper MM
want instant (but short range) abilities? go PT.
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