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Tbh, I almost wonder how a Shadow's 22/17/2 measures up to a Guardian's 27/12/2 in terms of survivability and utility... let's compare

Defensive Cooldowns

-Blackout/Shadow's Respite(A shadow in 22/17/2 can get Shadow's Respite every 45 seconds, and it lasts for 6 seconds.
-Resilience(Has a 1 minute cooldown and grants you 5 seconds of CC immunity to all CCs that are force or tech based. Every time you shield, deflect, or parry an attack, the cooldown of Resilience is lowered 1 second, cannot proc more than once a second.)
-Deflection(Increases your ranged and melee defense by 50% for 12 seconds.)
-Kinetic Ward(increases your shield chance against melee and ranged attacks by 15% for 20 seconds. The amount of damage you absorb will depend on your absorption rating. Has a 12 second cooldown.)
-Force Cloak(Takes you out of combat. In 22/17/2 spec, you can be healed while you're in force cloak.)
-Warzone medpacs can be used more than once per fight because Force Cloak will refresh the medpac.

-Warding Call(Reduces all damage taken by 40% for 10 seconds. Has a 3 minute cooldown.)
-Focused Defense(Spends 1 focus to heal you for 3% of your health as long as you're taking damage. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cannot occur more than once per second. Can be used while stunned. Has a 45 second cooldown.)
-Saber Ward(Increases melee and ranged defense by 50% and reduces damage from force and tech attacks by 25%. Lasts 12 seconds. Has a 3 minute cooldown.)
-Enure(Increases your maximum health by 30% for 15 seconds. If you're low health and use this with a warzone medpac, you'll usually be healed back to near full health. Has a 1 minute 30 second cooldown.)

Passive Defenses/Talents

-Fade(Reduces area of effect damage by 30%[passive]. Also reduces the cooldown of blackout by 15 seconds, and Force Cloak by 30 seconds.)
-Celerity(Reduces the cooldown of your interrupt by 2 seconds, reduces the cooldown of your CC breaker by 30 seconds, and reduces the cooldown of force speed by 5 seconds.)
-Force Speed breaks roots
-Jedi Resistance(reduces all damage taken by 2%[passive])
-Mental Fortitude(increases endurance by 3%[passive])
-Impact Control(Increases shield absorption by 4%. In addition Combat Readiness heals you for 10% of your health.)

-Guard Stance(Increases melee and ranged defenses by 6% while in Soresu Form[passive])
-Blade Barricade(Riposte increases melee and ranged defense by 3% for 12 seconds.)
-Blade Barrier(Using Blade Storm activates Blade Barrier, which absorbs a moderate amount of damage for 10 seconds.)
-Sheld Specialization(Increases shield chance by 4%[passive])
-Inner Peace(Increases the duration of Enure by 4 seconds, and increases your elemental and internal damage reduction by 4%)
-Single Saber Mastery(Increases melee and ranged defense by 3% while in Soresu Form)
-Unremitting(Force Leap activates unremitting, which gives you 20% reduced damage taken and CC immunity for 4 seconds.)
-If you have the 2 piece Vindicator set bonus, using Guardian Leap heals you for 8% of your total health. It has a 20 second cooldown.

Crowd Control Abilities(CCs)/Utility

-Force Pull(pulls an enemy target to you. Has a 45 second cooldown. 10-30m range.)
-Force Stun(stuns the target for 4 seconds. 1 minute cooldown. 10m range.)
-Spinning Kick(Stuns the target for 2 seconds. 20 second cooldown. 4m range.)
-Mind Maze(Mezzes the target for 8 seconds. Only usable from stealth. No cooldown. 10m range)
-Force Wave(Knocks back all enemies in front of you. 20 second cooldown. 15m range)
-Force Slow(Slows target's movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. 12 second cooldown. 10m range, 15m range with the stalker 2 set.)
-Mind Snap(Interrupts target's current action for 4 seconds. 10 second cooldown. 10m range.)

-Force Push(pushes a target away from you and knocks him down for 2 seconds. Also finishes the cooldown on your Force Leap. Has a 45 second cooldown. 10m range)
-Force Stasis(Stuns the target for 4 seconds. Has a 1 minute cooldown. 10m range.)
-Hilt Strike(Stuns the target for 4 seconds. Has a 1 minute cooldown. 4m range.)
-Awe(Mezzes all enemies for 6 seconds in an AoE. Has a 1 minute cooldown. 10m range)
-Force Leap(Leaps to a target and roots them for 3 seconds. Has a 15 second cooldown. 10-30m range.)
-Freezing Force(Reduces the movement speed of enemies in an AoE by 50% for 9 seconds. 10m range. Has no cooldown... in fact it operates on half a global cooldown.)

-Blackout/Shadow's Respite vs Warding Call(Blackout/Shadow's Respite has a slight advantage here because the cooldown is 4 times less than the cooldown of Warding Call.)

-Resilience vs Unremitting(Resilience has a slight edge here because it has the ability to block ALL force/tech attacks that come at you, as well as cleansing DoTs off yourself, as well as making you immune to all CC that is force/tech based. Unremitting can be used more often, but it only makes you CC immune and reduces the damage by 20%, not 100%.)

-Deflection vs Saber Ward(Saber Ward has a slight edge here because of the 25% added tech/force damage reduction. The only reason I say slight edge is because the cooldown on Deflection is 33% shorter than Saber Ward's cooldown.)

-Kinetic Ward vs Focused Defense(I would give Focused Defense the victory here, as endurance/health is the most important stat besides expertise. I'd rather have something that is capable of healing me for up to 30% over 10 seconds than having something that increases my shield chance by 15%. Still, kinetic ward is pretty much a permanent buff as the cooldown is over a lot of times before your 8 charges of Kinetic Ward are taken off.)

-Force Cloak/Warzone Medpac Refresh vs Enure/Warzone Medpac(I'd give Enure a slight victory here. The fact that with Enure and a warzone medpac you can pretty much go from low health to full health is pretty powerful. Though if you're in a game that the fighting is going on nonstop, it'd be better if you were able to refresh your medpac with Force Cloak. Even so, without a medpac, if you use Enure, as long as you have a good healer they can probably heal you back up.)

If we compared the Shadow passive damage reduction skills 22/17/2 to the passive Guardian damage reduction skills in 27/12/2, this is what we get.

-Shadow(32% AoE damage reduction, 4% increased shield absorption, 2% reduced damage, 3% increased endurance, 9% increased elemental and internal damage reduction, 1 minute 30 second CC breaker)
-Guardian(9% melee and ranged defense, 4% increased shield chance, 4% increased elemental and internal damage reduction, 2 minute CC breaker.)

If we were going by this alone, I'd give Shadow the advantage here. However, Guardians get a lot of talents that increases their defenses passively for a time when doing certain moves(Blade Barrier, Blade Barracade, Unremitting, and 8% self-heal from guardian leap.) I'd give Guardian the advantage here because of that. As far as CCs go....

Force Stun vs Force Stasis (This is a draw, the skills are pretty much the same thing just different names/animations since Force Stasis is not channeled in 27/12/2)

Spinning Kick vs Hilt Strike(Spinning kick wins here. because the duration is 2 times less, yet the cooldown is 3 times less.)

Mind Maze vs Awe(Awe wins no contest, even though the duration is less than Mind Maze and has a cooldown, it's an AoE and a Guardian will probably use this more in a game than a Shadow will use Mind Maze.)

Force Push vs Force Pull(Force Push has a slight advantage, because as a tank if you're guarding people, or if you're almost dead and someone is attacking you, you'd rather push the target away from you than pull them towards you.)

Force Slow vs Freezing Force(The difference is not even close here. A 6 second single target slow and a 12 second cooldown vs a 9 second AoE slow with no cooldown. Seriously Freezing Force is ridiculous.)
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