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1500-1600dps average feels about right. This was our average from our 8 man NiM kill of tanks last night. One of our dps DC'ed near the end of raid so I don't have an exact number for all the dps involved.

We had 1 melee and 3 ranged (1 sentinel, 2 commando, 1 gunslinger). Our method for dealing with DD was front loading all dps on Stormcaller until the first DD, at which point melee and one ranged (both of which who ate a DD) peel off and focus on Firebrand. Melee stayed on Firebrand the rest of the fight, ranged switched to Stormcaller until next DD went off. In this way we were able to avoid a second DD after each defensive system phase.

Once Stormcaller gets down to 20%, ALL dps switched to Firebrand to burn her down. All the ranged dps and our healers would alternate the remaining DD's that went out until Firebrand was dead and then all dps focused Stormcaller down until she was dead as well.

During the shield phases we kill the first transdouchan as a group, melee or one dps would finish the 2nd one while ranged booted the exploding transdouchan out of the shield and range dps'ed it down.

One other mechanic, we have our shadow tank (that is tanking Stormcaller) taunt Firebrand during incinerate armor since our guardian tanking Firebrand was getting positively nuked by that ability.
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