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01.29.2013 , 10:02 AM | #10
This one is a bit tricky. We have a marauder on Storm Caller who pops bloodthirst right at the beginning. The two dps on SC toggle using their Relics/Adrenals. Sometimes we have one of the ranged throw out a dot or two or a little dps to help push SC to the 20% markers to make sure there isn't 2 double D's.

Now, the trick with this at that in the 0%-20% remaining health of SC, FB is usually around 30-40%. We end up swapping toons to absorb the double d at this point as we even out FB then burn then down together. So, what we do is we have the 2 dps on SC eat the first DD, then, right afterwards, one of the dps comes over to SC and switches places with one of the dps who already has the DD. Now the new dps and the SC healer eat it. Then switch back.

Usually one full switch is good enough and the tanks die.