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Not buying it. I've read horror story after horror story about customer service ranging from this to five hour waits on the phone for them, yet I've never experienced any of it, nor has anyone that I know in game.

I've had no less then 18 tickets submitted, and two character restorations. All except the space missions (a known issue that had already been escalated and is now fixed) were resolved within 24 hours. One character restoration was done in 6 hours, on a Saturday, the other in four hours in the early AM.

I just had an issue with my cartel coins and could not log onto the boards. I called customer service expecting a nightmare. The number listed was valid and went right through. Call was picked up within a minute. Ten minutes of going through my account with the line employee and it was escalated. Two minutes on hold, and then 5 minutes with a very pleasant CSR and my coins were put into my account. Problem solved in less then 20 minutes.

Tickets are taking a bit longer to answer now, and I'm not sure what this guy's issue is, beyond calling when the system was down. The number they have listed is correct. My call went right through. There is no charge for the call (it says so right on the help page). All that can be verified quite easily.
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