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Five things make tank shadow/sin so OP

- all build key benefits place at low tiercannot argue with this one. But a lot of the cool things are charge specific which was a nerf a while ago.
- retardedly easy rotation (it's even not a rotation, it's look like strafe and spam spam spam...)I have yet to play any class that is "hard" to play.
- tone of damage in tank stance and free resource management
- 3nd CC breaker on short CD and overall best escape mechanicsEvery class has a CC breaker and we have force speed which is critical to staying in range of guarded targets which can be countered with another form of CC since well it only breaks.
- and last, plenty of control abilities (2 stun, mezz, slow, force pull/wave/lift 0_o)
Yeah we do have the best cc in the game. But please people need to stop saying two stuns, we have a hard stun like everyone and a lil 2 sec kd.
overal best soloing and party class
best in 1v1 counter
best in 1v2 counter
maybe 1v3...
a good 1v1 class, 1v2 is possible depending on who its up against and I could 1v3 if I were facing 3 bads.
it is clear that that jugg/PT is 1/2 of what have sin

I am taking a wild guess that you are a jug. Jug tanks are pretty amazing I am working on one now. They have and do things better than assassins and the damage when played right can be almost on par.