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01.29.2013 , 02:53 AM | #13
While my problem isn't bad, I've also got these weird, semi-regularly timed lag spikes that I never got when the game launched and I have the same connection today as I did back then and had no real problems.

Basically, I'll be playing and every 30 or so minutes (I haven't really timed it but it could be about every hour or even 45 minutes) my game will lag for about 7 seconds or so. I will notice everything is fine then things "freeze"; my companion disappears if I am walking or, if I am in combat, I'll be firing and my foes/friends will be frozen. The game then clears itself and "pops" back to normally. This can be stressful in a fire fight (especially a boss fight). I've had these lag-spikes while teamed and not teamed and they are fairly recent (after the F2P conversion). Also, to understate this, I sometimes have something else running in the background, like WinAmp streaming a radio feed at various rates, but mostly 128K. That feed DOES NOT STOP when these lag spikes occur in the game. I've also played the game with all resources given to SWTOR and I still get these unusual lag spikes.

I'd like to say they are more common in combat but I feel that's just my frustration as they are most problematic when they occur in combat: I know they happen when I am simply walking/traversing on planets, these planets/Instances could be "full" or really very light (it has happened on Quesh to me; 10-25 people there on one side). I've never seen them happen on either Fleet.