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Gender and romance issues aside, each represents a certain military stereotype.

Dorne is the ideal officer, she follows orders, knows (and obeys) all the regs. If there is a reg on how to handle something, she'll know how to handle it. You can see in conversations that she preps for every mission by reviewing all known intel. Dorne is the one that you'd want in support, besides the obvious healing, she would be able to help you with mission prep and any questions regarding the "politics" of the military and it's regs. She would most likely move high up in the ranks as the higher you go, her adherence to rules would serve her well as a general.

Jorgan is the more realistic soldier, he'll bend (but not break) the regs to achieve the mission goal. If a superior officer orders him to do something questionable, he won't hesitate to refuse. He's the guy you'd want in the trenches with you, the "no man left behind" type of soldier. Jorgan wears his heart on his sleeve, so he comes off as being a bit abrasive. Jorgan would not be the kind of soldier that would ever get high in rank as the "bureaucracy" would rub him wrong, thus holding him back. He's a no nonsense, what you see is what you get, type of person.

As for picking the XO it's personal taste really as both companions have pros/cons. Jorgan shouldn't get it just because he got demoted previously. If you feel he's earned it then promote him. On the other hand Dorne went through far more hurdles to get where she is than Jorgan did with the defection and earning the trust of her new allies.