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01.29.2013 , 01:01 AM | #576
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Was playing this morning with my usual 400ms lag, zerging in a wz only to have it spike >60000ms. I eventually self dced. Now can barely hit character selection screen let alone load into game.

Avlantia (Australia)
Red Elcipse (EU)
ISP: Dodo
HI Avlantia,

I had a look at this, there is major issues getting anywhere within cable and wireless at the moment from australia, so much so that even trying to load is next to impossible let alone logging into swtor.

Best thing is if you can get to character select screen go back to server select and login on US or APAC servers, trying to log into EU from Australia is not worth the trouble until what ever is going on with is sorted.

I cannot even download their 1.5mb network map doesnt go past 0%. , bottom line is it isnt a bioware issue but CW have some big issues occuring.

Cable and Wireless are owned by Vodafone we know how good they are

Edit - seems to be all fixed now , 350ms ping from Australia