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Not going to bother setting up the spoiler thing, but I think I have given enough warning.

Anyways, I just finished chapter one on my Sith Warrior. During the finale, (the encounter on Hutta), my jaw dropped. It was amazing. I honestly feel that that has been the best written story in in the entire (from what I have seen). It was amazing. When I first started my character, my goal was to be pure evil, and not have a single point of light side on alignment sheet. I continually read how this made the Warrior story very boring, but went against it any ways. I feel this would have not been NEARLY as amazing as if I were to do light side. I literally had shivers going down my spine. I loved how I began to corrupt Jaesa's master, I kept provoking him to release his anger. With each passing battle, he grew more and more corrupt. Eventually, she arrived. She saw what has happened to her master, and I corrupted her, and had her kill her master. I think one of the reasons I found this bit so amazing, was that it really shows how so very easy it is to succumb to the dark side, how Human nature, is naturally evil (kind of relates to the book LoTF). I also liked the realization her master had, right before his doom, of what he has done, showing the regret of his decision. I don't know, maybe I'm over thinking this. But it was truly my favorite story moment of the game so far. And it has gotten me really excited for the rest of my class story. What are your thoughts on this? Did any one else get as much enjoyment from this act as me? And, does the rest of the Warriors story even come close to the greatness of this?