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Body type 2

I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel like body type 2 is the true spirit of bounty hunters. Completely fit, Quick, Agile, light on your feet, with a perfectly toned body, and more brains than brawn. They wear a powered suit to give them all the brawn anyone could ever need, to accent their already imposing set of skills. when I think Power Suit I cant help but think towards characters like Tony Stark or Samus Aran, they aren't hulking brutes but quite the opposite. the clones and storm troopers were never hulking body builders either.

How I see it Boba may not have looked as imposing standing next to the gigantic Vader, but he was every bit a bad ***. And as we know from all the books and spinoff games and such, anyone that doubts that for a second is in for a surprise.