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01.28.2013 , 03:33 PM | #13
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So ? If they are camping spawn spots of lootboxes, let them ? Or stand next to the box and wait and loot it yourself....

I really don't see the problem here guys, if some dolts are willing to sit in 1 spot for an entire day to get a few boxes.... fine by me... I'll just log on my Sith and go kill 'em a few times...

I really don't see how or why you'd have to report people over this. It's not cheating, it's not exploiting and it's not using 3rd party software or keyboard macro's... so technically there is no reason for appealing or for BW to intervene...
Actually BioWare did deem this as exploiting/cheating. There were a few official post by BioWare that they had given out multiple warnings to people over this issue. They were doing this on Illum. And then finally when people ignored those warnings, BioWare cleaned house and banned accounts.

I hope BioWare cleans house with these credit farmers.