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Quoting this because it seemed to get lost in all the pointless posturing, memes, and trolling. This is probably the most objective, accurate assessment of the issue with tanksins I've read yet. Too bad BW won't see it, and even if they did, their development team is simply too incompetent to figure out a solution.
Does assassin in tank stance does more damage then jugg in tank stance? yes
does assassin in tank stance has more armor and def cool downs then most jugg hybrids? no.
more damage, less armor reduction. seems fine.
plus, can tankasin swap to crazy derp smash in matter of 10 seconds? nope.
jugg hybrid in dps gear is more tanky in pvp then half tank gear assasin in tank stance.
I have both, if I'm to tank for my team in pvp, I preffer jugg. beter carrier, easy to swap from tanking hybrid to full out dps, better last man standing to interrupt caps.
If you complain for tankasin to be op if he killed your jugg hybrid, then it's l2p issue.
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