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We usually try to keep 2 dps on each of the tanks, but our strongest dps is usually on storm caller (which usually are melee dps), then we have 2 range on firebrand. At the start of the fight we will have one range dps stormcaller a bit, how long sorta depends who we have on stormcaller that night. For rest of the phases, the dps stick their respective tanks unless it is obvious that stormcaller isnt being burned fast enough.

After the last shield, and the melee dps get DD, they jump over to firebrand, while one of the range dps go to stormcaller and eat the 2nd DD with the healer.... Firebrand is usually a bit higher then stormcaller but usually balances out when there are 3 dps on it at the end.

For actual numbers when i am on my marauder i am averaging over 2k on the tank, and when there is another marauder on there we dont need any assistance from a 3rd dps at all... we actually push to the shield phase shortly after the first DD... so i would have to speculate that you only need about 3.2-3.5k dps on stormcaller to prevent the second DD. Overall the dps checks are not to tight once you get use to the fight and develop a good strategy.

As a side note i been told (havent tested it myself), that a dps that has cast times (Merc, lightening Sorc) may experience a dps drop by eating the DD due to the push back from the damage ticks.
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