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I think the problem is that people expect group finder groups to be easy quick clears. On the tier 1 flashpoints this is a pretty reasonable expectation, but operations are meant to challenge 8 well-coordinated players. I think the moral of the story is that if you think wiping on a story mode op is a waste of your time, you shouldn't queue for one in group finder.
Thats about right, GF groups should be easy in nerfed story mode , with ofc following the mechanic of the fight (which also need to be nerfed).
And yes, I agree ops are meant to challenge well coordinated 8-man players, BUT in HM and NiM modes. Thats why Story mode is called that way - for people to see and experience the story, not to wipe endlessly onyl cos they dont have experienced ops leader or/and ventrilo comms. And that would not interfere with other ppls who want challenge - they would have their challenge and much better loot in Hm and Nim nodes. As I said, win-win scenario, everybody happy.
And it keeps all subs going, intead of me thinking: " Im maxed geared outside of ops, seen my chars story, done all WZs, done all FPs, just cant expereince TfB and EC - so should I afk on fleet waiting for some good soul to take me to TfB although i never been there (but checked tactics and seen videos) or should I just unsub waiting for expansion to continue my chars story?