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I think it would be awesome if you could become Mandalore in the Bounty Hunter Class Story, like in one of the further comming acts (You would be giving a huge Task for the Sith Empire alongside with Mandalore The Vindicated to Kill someone) (or that you would being defending Mandalore alongside Mandalore the Vindicated) and in one of the last part of the class quest Mandalore The Vindicated is wounded. Then you would have the 3 following options. 1. Kill Mandalore The Vindicated (Dark Side). 2. Let him bleed out to death (Dark Side). Or 3. Save him (Light Side.) If you do option 1 and 2 you would be granted as Mandalore in the end of the chapter. Your Light , Neutral and Dark Side reputation will give you different names like in the Sith Inquisitor ending. If you choose option 3 Mandalore The Vindicated would later honor you by Challenging you to a epic duel where only the strongest will rule Mandalore and his Clan, of course it will be you .
Though that's just one of my stupid Suggestions and sorry for my bad grammer.

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