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These threads make me lol.

23/1/17 is the spec i play.
YES I use a shield because when you're running the ball and someone is auto attacking you from a far you mitigate it down to say 80hp per tick instead of around 200... that adds up and quick! So IMO having the shield allows me to be more versatile especially when guarding a pocket healer who is getting focused.

All you need to do is know when to attack them and when to stun them, same problem people had with sentinels popping guarded by the force. If you get the guy full resolve and he pops that he's going to have his way with you. Just need to learn control and how to counter other classes.....

To be a better player in PVP i recommend you play all the classes and advanced classes this way you can always konw the counter balance attack/stun to do.

This class does not need a nerf, honestly I think they have this perfected. It's strong, but not OP, its a good tank, but not game breaking, its a good stealth class, and a fun all around class to play.

For the record I out DPS shadows and sins allll the time in my spec, the spec doesn't mean one does more than the other. It matters to the player and their play style.

If you think about it 23/1/17 has ZERO DOTs .. yes I can cast one on you, but i'm not going to use that ability, takes too long to cast and does too little dmg. So its a direct dmg class I have to be up in your face to hurt you.
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STOP QQing on the forums.
i have 7 50s that I PVP on and I feel guilty playing smash spec on my sentinel i just feel like im cheating when i hit everyone for 6k+
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