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I don't think the community is ready for TFB to be in group finder yet, it's too new. But EC has been out for a while and most people know the basic mechanics. Or they can be explained pretty easily. I've typed it out in chat before and we went on to clear the place.

EC has been nerfed pretty hard too. I've seen people just completely screw up Toth and Zorn. Like, to a hilarious degree. The best is when the two tanks confuse how the switching is going to go, or if switching is going to happen at all. Next thing you know the bosses are running amok smiting dps and healers, getting their closeness buff, etc. and the group still clears the fight with no deaths!

I think the problem is that people expect group finder groups to be easy quick clears. On the tier 1 flashpoints this is a pretty reasonable expectation, but operations are meant to challenge 8 well-coordinated players. I think the moral of the story is that if you think wiping on a story mode op is a waste of your time, you shouldn't queue for one in group finder.
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