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01.28.2013 , 07:43 AM | #76
Ahh the Sorcerer. I could pretty much go down the list of companions on this one.

Khem Val was the only one that I actually had a real bond with. What can I say, the deshade is just one big teddy bear.

Andronikus: Uhh... he already wore out his welcome by tagging along after his nemesis was dealt with. It was one of those "why are you still here again?" situations. Wasn't surprising when he invited himself aboard my ship.

Ashara: I'm a die-hard light Sith, and even I can understand why others want to throw her into an airlock. She's as oblivious as oblivious can be. Sorry, I'd wish that a future apprentice has a little realistic sensibility.

Talos: Don't get me wrong. Talos is hilariously nerdy, but he was another one who helped me a bit, then invited himself aboard. His presence did not change the outcome of my storyline.

Xalek: C'mon? Really?? Kaleesh are awesome, but Xalek is like Sten from Dragon Age. He's about as short with you as a rebellious teenager. Not only that, but when I played.. he was broken (tank-wise) for MONTHS.