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1. Kaliyo - poisoned and stabbed to death in her sleep.
2. Skadge - fed to the world razer on belsavis.
3. Corso - shoved into a large rakghoul nest on taris.
4. Quinn - thrown into a wampa cave on hoth...naked.

I really loathe all the people in beta who *****ed that they couldn't get their companion back after they killed them. I mean really?!? what did you think was going to happen? what makes it worse is that 2 of them are on the gd bridge of my ship!!! BW please reinstate the ability to kill companions.
^I second this, not like crafting is going anywhere anyways (everything will soon be buy are Cartel Market). Or atleast get the option to replace them with droids after you push them out the airlock near a star.