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thx for the info guys. i still havent been able to tweak my gear to the point I really want to, a lot of my stuff is still stock as I got it from the dread guard vendor

however with this build:

my guild was able to finish Nim EC 16 man a couple weeks back. Hoping to get more play time so I can get to all unlettered mods/enh and swap out a couple armorings and crystals.

I am still wondering if 25% def chance is enough... most of the NiM 16m Kephess fight is fine, I guess getting hit by kephess for 15k out of the blue would make anyone take a second look at how to maintain mitigation/while keeping somewhat high endurance.
The high endurance enhancements/mods are killing your mitigation. My guy is a mix of 61/63s has about 100 more Defense & Absorb but 5k hp less.