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You have to realize that the problem with EC and TFB even in SM isn't the damage-output of the bosses, it's the mechanics that will kill PUGs.

Was talking to some guildies about a nerf that coninsides with one they did on a raid in wow.... Unless they ....

1. Remove 90% of all Zorn and Toths mechanics (Basicly just a tank and spank) or pugs will have a hard time with it.
2. Firebrand/Stormcaller would need Incenerate/Double Destruction removed and probably the Shield phase nerf even more as well.
3. The Mindsweeper.... Don't even get me started.... 90% nerf there too (No assassin droids/no cleave) Good luck on getting someone that can do the puzzle or willing to do it.
4. Kephass.... ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would have to remove 80% of that fight for sure. (Bomber time up'ed for sure if anything.)

PLEASE don't even get me started with TFB SM (Operator 9/Counsel/TFB Itself)

Short of being able to RUN THRU the operation without killing anything, there isn't much in TFB/EC you can nerf ... WITHOUT killing the mechanics... Even if you cut all the bosses health by half, you still have mechanics that you have to execute...

AND THAT is our point ... MOST pugs don't listen ... The number of times that I've wiped on Hunter Droid Rooms because people don't listen is uncountable... I've seen pugs flat out SAY that they joined the GF because someone will carry them ...

You would have to nerf them to point of just completely tank and spank.... You probably think that is fine .... but what happens when you want to do TFB HM or EC HM? You WON"T be able to because you wont know EC SM NORMAL mechanics.

I know not wanting to be in a guild and put your life around it, my husband is the same way, and would probably love the idea as well, since he hardcore raided in wow, but ... they would have to nerf it so bad that it isn't even funny anymore and would probably be a huge waste of time to go in there and REMOVE Mechanics for the sake of letting pugs do it without worry.

Nerfing HP/Damange wont do much if you can't execute mechanics.