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01.27.2013 , 03:20 PM | #572
My lag problems have gotten worse with each patch since the super servers launched but this patch has just brought a whole new level of awfulness. Example: In 1.4 my ping while raiding was generally at ~200; now it's ~500.

I don't have great internet where I live so I'm used to high pings (really good ping for me is 120-150, normal world PVE is 200-250, NORMAL ping while raiding or in WZs is 500-550). I've learned to adapt to really bad lag, and have even come to find it a fun challenge to heal while lagging that badly.

Issue #1: Momentary Losses of Connection Unrelated to Normal Server Lag

Since 1.6.3, I have experienced frequent momentary drops in connection not related to normal lag (my character will appear to hit an invisible wall where I can move around in the area where I just drove through but not pass a certain point). These last anywhere from a second to 3-4 seconds then I can continue moving like normal. While annoying, it's not all that big a deal while questing. My lag indicator does not show wild fluctuations in my ping rates.

Now I am experiencing that same phenomenon while in WZs which never used to happen. There is nothing more infuriating than trying to move across a map where time is of the essence but I can't move past a certain point. I've been unable to reach objectives to interrupt caps etc. b/c of these drops in connections.

Issue #2: Apparent Delays in Ability Activation

As I said earlier, I'm used to playing with high ping rates so I have a good idea what to expect as far as how far in advance I need to activate abilities in order to have them activate when I actually want them to do so.

Now however, I am experiencing delays in ability activation that are far worse than normal for my lag.

Yesterday I was fighting on the bridges in a Voidstar match where I was averaging ~400 ping. I was stealthed while waiting for the opposing team to run across so I could knock them off the bridge. I saw an enemy running across the bridge; when he was about 15 meters away I activated my knockback, which @400 ping should have gone off when he was right in front of me. HOWEVER, the ability did not activate until he was nearly 10 or so meters past me. THAT is not normal activation lag for ~400 ping.

The exact same thing happened to me in my very next match (a Huttball) match. I couldn't stop a nearly dead enemy from scoring because my knockback went off nearly a second and a half AFTER I pressed the button (they were halfway down the downramp of the bridge when I activated knock back; when the ability went off, they were in the end zone. I have never nerd-raged so hard in my life.

I'm tired of these problems (which have only gotten worse with each patch). I have stopped raiding and running FPs b/c the lag has gotten so bad that I have become a detriment to my team). Now with these apparent delays in ability activation, I have to stop running WZs because I can't pull my weight on a team when I can't trust my abilities to activate when I need them to.

I love this game and played in Beta and early Access and came back for 1.3 when they allowed me to move off my dead server, but my patience with this game's bugs have simply become exhausted.

I have decided to quit this game as soon as I've finished all the class stories (2 left). I am not saying this to bring attention to myself; I am simply stating that when I can't participate in half of a game's content because I lag so badly, the game is simply not worth paying $14.99/month especially when I can play so many other MMOs for free (without the terrible Preferred Player restrictions I would have to endure if I went F2P with this game).

I understand that there are different teams working on different parts of the game, but I can't help but feel bitter when every patch brings new horribly overpriced and/or reskinned stuff to the Cartel Shop, yet I can't even complete Esseles or BT without crashing to desktop EVERY SINGLE TIME (it's been happening to me since 1.4). After this last patch I can't even finish the last stage of Esseles (I can't get through the last convo on Esseles without crashing so I can't get credit for running the FP).

Just FYI: my lag in GW2, Secret World and World of Tanks is 90-120 even while in raids. My ISP is terrible, but my lag problems in SWTOR are unrelated to my ISP. SWTOR NEVER lagged this badly before Super Servers and has only getting worse with each subsequent patch. Yes I have tried resetting my modem and router; yes I have tried playing with different ports and yes I have tried playing at different times of the day. No dice.

Server: Harbinger
Connection: DSL ~5mbs down 1 mbs up
Location: Idaho