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That's the essence of my dissatisfaction with the current UI: I can't set it up the way I want it. Until I can, it'll feel substandard.
For the record, completely agree.

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It's a bought-in engine, though, isn't it? I'd guess that the main reasons for not writing your own are the time and expense it takes to create it. If those are major factors, then are you really going to spend time re-writing someone else's engine to patch all that extra functionality into it?
Actually, I think in one of Gordon's Q&A's when the hero engine was purchased he stated that this was their reason for doing so (or insinuated that being the reason, it was a long time ago).

But I do remember very clearly him going on and on about the successes of WoW and wanting to emulate those successes in BW's MMO (SW was not established as the IP when he first started talking about it). His major comparison to WoW was modding and UI development. So someone in systems design more than likely just harpooned that objective and took an opposite direction which ended up really hurting them in the end.

I suspect they started developing modding tools, then abandoned it somewhere in development. It seemed like something Gordon was unhappy with, he stopped doing press and ended up leaving a year or so before launch.

Look up his history if you get a chance, that guy had a lot of awesome vision for this game and so much of it did not make it in. For those that followed the development news of the game all way back to 05 or 06 when they first announced it, his departure was sad news.