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Fair enough, but your suggestion raises a further question. Assuming finite resources, do you think that nerfing SM EC and TfB has a higher priority than other projects? For instance, does nerfing these raids have higher priority than developing more tier 2 flashpoiint content? I certainly don't think so.

I guess I'm fine with Bioware nerfing the ops, as long as it was pretty far down the priority list. If anything, I'd rather see them make current content MORE difficult for greater rewards. I think most people are getting bored of what's currently available.
Im not a developer and I dont know much about programming, but changing health/dmg taken/armor/dmg done from bosses should not be a difficult or time-consuming task.
Also, "most people" argument is really subjective one and I always avoid talk about what "most ppl" want. People from raiding guilds think "most ppl" are people from their vincinity - thier guild who often share same view. But there is other "side of the fence", which are invisible to raiding guilds players.
Again, im sorry I have to bring it again, but LFR model from wow had huge success and is win-win scenario. Raiding crowd could come with alts to gear them up and "other side of the fence" (socials, guildless ppl, less skilled ppl, noobs ) could experience the content.