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Okay so granted I haven't ran LI HM since the Chevin Event, never queued and I was never crazy on getting it finished... However me and a group did it today. I was in Rakata/Campaign Mix Augmented Field Tech Gear and our tank was Rakata, but our heals and DPS were both recruit/Tionese... The tank knew his stuff, but we one shotted everything except Sav'rak cause healer had trouble keeping us up.

So I ask, did they do a nerf to it? I remember it being so much harder boss wise than it has now. We did it with a recruit Tionese healer. and a Scoundrel DPS. (Dirty Fighting) I was very suprised we got through stuff easily, but again I go back to our tank being well prepared for everything. I just want conformation or a real answer and if anyone has noticed
It's a combination of a nerfing and people retreating back to their guilds to learn and master the content. Pugs still aren't the most fun experience in the world, but the content is generally getting cleared.