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01.27.2013 , 12:27 AM | #1
Okay so granted I haven't ran LI HM since the Chevin Event, never queued and I was never crazy on getting it finished... However me and a group did it today. I was in Rakata/Campaign Mix Augmented Field Tech Gear and our tank was Rakata, but our heals and DPS were both recruit/Tionese... The tank knew his stuff, but we one shotted everything except Sav'rak cause healer had trouble keeping us up.

So I ask, did they do a nerf to it? I remember it being so much harder boss wise than it has now. We did it with a recruit Tionese healer. and a Scoundrel DPS. (Dirty Fighting) I was very suprised we got through stuff easily, but again I go back to our tank being well prepared for everything. I just want conformation or a real answer and if anyone has noticed