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also, lucasfilm is really no more and has zero say in anything. disney owns everything star wars and they have final say over everything. disney is a for profit big hollywood studio and their only concern is how much money the film with bring in. disney doesnt care about star wars anymore than viacom cared about star trek.
Well you kind of answered the question to your own concern, we've established that J.J. definately won't have total control and as you said Disney owns everthing and has the final say J.J. is an employee not the boss.

Its been said since the beginning of all this that the new movies would be original stories, stories that have been in the writing process by Arndt long before todays confirmation of Abrams and since it has been referred to as Episode VII obviously some continuation of the chronological order.

Even if they were crazy enough to let .J.J. or any director make the decision how many people do you think would be happy about a reboot over a continuation of this story?

Let's keep in mind directing this movie comes with consequences it could make Abrams a hero or just as easily destroy his career.

Also I disagree with the statement that Disney doesn't care about the property obviously they are a business that wants a return on their $4 billion investment, but I think Lucas chose them specifically because of his close relationship with Kathy Kennedy and because they have an excellent track record for increasing the success of their aquisitions like Pixar and Marvel.

Can't say how this will play out ultimately, but I think Disney was the best choice imo.
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