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My understanding is that it's considered to be too much work to add an API into a game engine that wasn't designed with it in mind. Given the massive reduction in staff that the game had shortly after launch, I'd guess that there's no way that they can spare the time or people to crowbar and API in right now, even if they wanted to. Maybe, if we're really lucky, the game will start making enough money from Cartel Coins that they'll be able to get more staff and start improving things in the long run, but I wouldn't count on it.
Pretty much summarizes what I think on it now, minus the sarcasm of my previous post. You also make mention of my one hope for mods, if the cartel market ends up being successful enough, they'll back peddle on their no-mods policy and release modding tools.

With what they were saying during development back in 06-07 ish, I would find it hard to believe that they did not have modding in mind.