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Welcome to the game!

As to the choice of crew skills, no combination of skills is really an avenue to self-sufficiency and not having to trade. It might help to think of them as avenues into the market on your server, giving you something to trade to others, with the ability to make some of your gear as icing on the cake.

If you want to make make armor to trade to other Force users, and also for your your Warrior and Inquisitor, Synthweaving does that.

If you want to make color crystals to sell to others and also some for your Warrior and Inquisitor, Artifice does that.

If you want to make Medkits, Stims, and Implants to sell, and also some for your Warrior and Inquisitor, Biochem does that.

I like to wear a lot of the upgradeable orange gear in order to keep a consistent look, but I don't want to have to make an epic journey out of piecing together planet commendations for the Armoring pieces. Cybertech allows me to make what I need.

Talking to each of the crew skill trainers at Fleet will unlock Codex entries on each skill, describing what each skill makes and what gathering skills support which crafting skills.

If you're on a Free to Play account and are limited to one crew skill per character, I'd recommend one of the gathering skills. Crafting under those limitations will have you buying your raw materials at GTN prices, and it can be difficult to come out ahead in credits if you're doing that every time you craft something. In that case, I'd recommend Slicing, which will yield cash and sellable schematics of other crafters, or perhaps Diplomacy, which will yield companion gifts, medical supplies to be used by characters with Biochem, and your choice of either Light Side or Dark Side alignment points with every mission.
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