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01.26.2013 , 09:31 AM | #9
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Just to add about the incinerate, since it is the only thing interuptable, everyone should be doing it if they can.

If the tank has to move to avoid the bubbles, they may miss it. I find this at times with my tank. When I am on dps Shadow, I am always behind him, so I will hit every interupt I can to help the tank concentrate on moving. Teamwork here is important for an easy kill.
I totaly agree here about everyone helping with incinerate,its hard to hit every incinerate when kiting the boss around the room while holding agro.... I know the tank has An important role and that it has to be played right, But i think he takes the blame a little to much sometimes... everyone deff has to play there part well to make this one work.

well i will get back on today and try again, we will see how it goes.