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i hate pugging lost island and prob will never pug it again

i dont know what a sorc does there but my operative can do it easily

(he must use toxic scan on incin dots if he dont your dead (unless assassin tank)

it sounds like it is your fault and dps if you have let 3 dots get on you. my guild runs max 1 dot easily healed through, 5 dots is not likely (norm 4 is a wipe but if happens) use toxic scan instant aoe and dot heals, if he still alive tell him (you) to pop cool downs and pay attention next time while your getting your introductions up if your 4-6k crit heals if they don't crit tank should be at 19k health at least by the time incin drops again

now i was speaking like i am towards a healer... but your tank you should know there rotation in case they dont

tip to dps ... keep aggro of healer i norm run with sorc and me being opeartive i stick to his back side while he is killing adds with storm lightning ... doing with 2 mara's is never easy more work for healer incase of a incin fail because you could have 3 people with incinerate dot on them but get heal them last they are not important

(if a dps dies early don't rez him it is possible to do with just a sorc dps and a operative healer (my guild leader and my self knocked the last 45% health of him) save the rez for final 15% and put on the tank i say 15% not likely to wipe if you made it that far with only 2 people
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