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01.26.2013 , 05:00 AM | #19
As nice as that might sound for people who don't want to guild or people with more then 1 50 and don't want to split into two guilds, there are a few problems that I see....

Unlike when guilds randomly do SM KP/EV and need a dps or two (and just pick some up) I'm not sure any guild would use the GF to PUG TFB/EC. That being said ... You could get all 8 people in full Columi with no knowledge of the any of the fights. That would be, even with the nerf to EC, a wipe prone group.

OR it could become like LI HM ... Players in BH or better gear that are just bored will boot players that don't know it or don't have anything better than Columi. (Or those that want speed runs).

Lastly, in the end, you'd probably still get people spamming general for more people to queue up as a group instead of wanting to pug cuz they want to check gear.

...Personally, Having done TFB/EC SM on a dps/tank .... I doubt I would use the GF for them if they were to put them in ... I'd love to say different, but with the amount of times I've had to leave KP/EV SM because people do not listen... I doubt I would want to sit through wipes with the same people that can't understand: DON'T RUN INTO THE NEXT ROOM! (Speaking of KP SM with the Hunter Droid Rooms).