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For the droid boss, the key thing for the tank is to interrupt incinerate as quickly as you can. That cast puts a stacking DOT on you, up to 3 stacks which is extremely difficult to heal through. if you don't interrupt it in the first second it will start putting stacks of the DOT on you.

Now a competent healer should cleanse it if you miss it. Of the numerous LI groups i've been a part of, missing incinerate causes most of the wipes.

The second thing is about positioning the boss. With a group of all ranged dps, you can basically tank it in the middle and the lightning balls are not that big of an issue.

With melee, they should be able to move away from the boss to drop the orb but I have only rarely been in groups that will be 100% successful. This means you will have to likely move the boss at some point. This is where you may miss an incinerate since your interrupt is only 4 meters.

However, the key thing with the droid is to interrupt incinerate or have the healer cleanse it if you miss one. Outside of that there can be a little bit of positioning.