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Hey folks! Thank you for all of your suggestions. As I mentioned earlier, we're going to review these and see what we can do. I'll be sure to update when we have anything new. In the meantime, please keep the ideas coming!
Thanks - just remember to keep us updated even it its just to say the situation is still under review. Oh and just in case my suggestion was missed from ages ago:

1. Merge all the apac servers into a single PVE server - the reasoning around this has been described many times. Keep the awesome latency, correct prime/op times, guilds, legacies and local community whilst boosting the population

2. Offer FREE transfers FROM US servers TO the apac server - in a bid to get those APAC players that left or rolled on US servers due to the population issues, to come back

3. Offer PAID transfers FROM the apac server TO US servers after a month or so - gives those who still hate Pve or have some other problem with the apac server after some time trying it, an opportunity to get out. Could possibly make this process free for PVP and RP players if that's not too complicated

4. Some form of advertising in Australia/NZ to get more people in before the release of the expansion
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