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No problem. I have a video guide for the 4/6/31 spec on my Youtube channel. It's the featured video, so just click the link in my signature, it puts it right up in your face.

This isn't shameless advertising, per se, but there's just so much info on this spec that I wouldn't be able to relate in a thread without typing a novel. lol
I tried 4/6/31 and 7/3/31 specs with full aim augments and loved both to be honest. I could hardly tell a difference either way. I crit a bit higher on RS with 7/3/31 but if i can get a match with more people grouping for aoe i do better on the other.

Seen a lot of guys not speccing for TD though and grabbing steely and having full 6 in AP. But Im definitely getting more kills with TD now, better burst. For rated's thats awesome
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