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Legacy naming - Sorry you did not take the time to think it through. It took me 30 minutes to come up with a legacy name I liked. That being said, I agree that there should be some mechanism to change it, the caveat being that it would have to be unique to the server.

dual spec - it sort of exists as a legacy perk called field respec. It costs credits or cartel coins and it is a per character perk. While it is not the Dual Spec you are used to in WoW, it does allow you to reset and reapply your skill points in the field. if you are a subscriber then all respecs are free, if you are F2P the first respec is free and it costs credits after that but the fee resets to zero every week. That being said, if you are a WoW convert you should already know that Blizzard has admitted that they do not like what dual spec did to WoW. With that being the case, I do not see BioWare making the same mistake. I believe they have gone as far as they are willing.

Smartphone app - this has been suggested many times. Chances are it will be a while before it is implemented. The WoW auction house app took Blizzard five years.