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Hey all,

I am a new player to SWTOR, only been playing for a couple of weeks now. I am rolling a Sith Sorceress. I am WoW convert who was in the need for a new MMO and I believe I have found it in TOR. I am having a blast with the game so far. Only a couple things I think could be improved exponentially.

My main thing is selecting a Legacy name so early once you go from f2p to sub. I really regret my name choice and I know I can toggle its view off but I think they really need to add a feature to allow one global change to it or at the very least putting something in the Cartel Market for it.

The second issue I have found with the game so far is that of dual specs. I can not believe this is not in the game, and I am sorry but changing my bars and field passing my specs is not viable in my opinion and its just not user friendly. I am astounded this did not launch with the game, I understand not being able to switch to advance class but it baffles me has a healer that when I am not doing group content where I am healing there is no way for me to do solo content has a dps spec.

Lastly its a minor thing but I would love to see them expand the smartphone app to include crew skills or the Galactic Trade Network in it. I understand the crew skill thing can muddle the economy in the game but maybe they could set some limits to what it could do, it would be nice while I am on break at work to send Kem Val or the annoying droid out to do something even if it was on a cd of some kind.

Would love to hear some feedback.

May the Force Be With You.