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P.S. The worst one was Ashley from ME1. I refused to have anything to do with her but when I transferred my character to ME2 it forced me to have had a relationship with her. So I then played the game as if she had borderline personality disorder and was inventing a relationship for attention. Quite enjoyable.
- Arcada
Ashley always died on me, since I could never get her past Virmire.

Yeah, that's another reason why the idea of seperating class from romance content would be working. The Captain and Corso, well, I dig them and really hope to see them bloom, but I could live with them re-inventing the concept for that cause. I know romance is not all this game is about, but for the female Consular for instance the romance is kind of pointless anyway, since she's bound to the Jedi Code. Unless they find a way around that, storywise, her romances are just really.... unfulfilled.