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So, it's all new NPC's, right?
Am I the only who wants a super-sexy Imperial Officer in their super-sexy Imperial Officer's uniform to be an on-going romance for Makeb?
I can really see my Juggernaut running around Makeb with a female Spec Ops. heavy gunner and my Agent dropping in to get intel and kisses from a military-II liason.
You know what's really stupid? I started playing a male smuggler (finally) because I was told that his bromance with Corso would really be nudge, nudge, hinty, hinty. Problem is, it is.
So I wanted my guy to basically hit on everything, but can't bring myself to, because it feels like cheating on poor Corso. Feels like I'm missing out on all the fun. I must try to get him to flirt with people, since I heard that Corso would react jealously, but it seems smuggler guy is really a boring old fart so far. :/

I honestly wish I could play Imp characters with any kind of interest in them. I've tried with a female Inquisitor, but I really have to play her really light-side to be able to play her at all. I may try again with a male though, once SGR get implemented with companions. That could make Imps more compelling to me, to let me see their side of things.