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the fact remains that when you go to click you lose your ability to move effectively in that moment where you are putting your cursor over your skill to click it. it is a fact that keybinding is more efficient. You are only hurting your own game play by clicking. No matter how you try to justify it you look away, you move your mouse cursor, you lose your ability to turn/move with your mouse in that moment. This game is very casual friendly but if you want to be the best you will make the transition to keybinds.
Clickers are certainly able to be proficient or good in the game, but they have the potential to be so much better if they learn to keybind.
I don't get how I am less effective at movement. I move and heal better than most healers I normally play with, perhaps I don't see the problem because I am not a pure clicker, nor am I a pure button masher. I do both. Also according to group logs I usually have the highest HPS, the highest EHPS and almost always have the highest number of heals.

Not arguing dps, since DPS I do almost exclusively use keybinds. Because in that case I am better at dps doing it that way, in the case of healing, I am better a using both methods. It isn't a matter of being more comfortable with one or the other, it is a fact proven by our guild group logs that I am better the way I am doing it. I went back not because it was easy to clicky, clicky, I changed back because it was better for the group by some 400 hps.