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As an endgame pve'er i'm a hybrid, i keep my 6 main abilities at 1-6 (for easy access) and keep my seventh ability below the 6 mains for quick access. You'll develop a muscle memory for where you keep your stuff and the what nots. keyboard turning is acceptable in pve mostly because you don't need to quickly turn most of the time. i'm not going to speak for pvp because i'm not a hardcore pvp'er but i've been able to hold my own in it (hurray for snipers!). i do keep some things at the letter F for stuff that would make it easy like my tank has his interupt there, my heal sorc has static barrier there, my sniper keeps her take cover in place there, my op and merc healer keeps target self at F. being a clicker isn't as bad and if your good enough people won't notice that you are, and people who say "Your not a clicker are you?" I just say no because they won't be able to tell.

tank DPS heal, i've done all three and the most difficult to be a clicker on is a jugg tank because they have so many abilities and all that but even then, it becomes so easy.

and if you don't need to turn quickly, you can use the keyboard. people (at least on my server) won't prosecute you for it, in pve.