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No, they won't scrap OGR [Flirt]s on Makeb because then all the SGRA and general romance detractors will complain about the "favouritism" and "oppression" of straight people. I ask about lesbian vs. straight women [Flirt]s because some people still labour under the assumption that only pervy straight-men play female characters and there absolutely no real lesbians whatsoever, and real women players are made of wishes and tinfoil - I'm hoping that such a perception has not infected the writing staff of Bioware: Asutin, but the lack of straight-women [Flirt]s is still a problem.

To be honest, I am rather expecting the [Flirt]s options to favour straight men, then lesbians, straight women and then gay men. You can probably guess my reasoning for this quite easily.

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It was just a thought on the no OGR flirts, one I doubted, but thought of the possibility of it.

In my experience, you can't judge what a person will play based on their gender. I know there are men who will only play men (And if they played a female, they quickly disregarded the character). I know there are men who play women strictly as there are men players who will play both. I know of women who play strictly women characters. I know of women who play male characters only (and not because of "I dont want to be treated as a female gamer or stalked"). And of course women players who play play both sexes on the characters.

This is why when I play a MMO, I always refere to the player by the gender of their avatar I know them by. I never ask for their RL gender (I just don't care), and will only find out if they say something in chat (which isn't always truthful anyways, as I've also seen the come out). I've also seen people refere to player self by the gender of their main and what thusly what the group knows them by (by both gender of players).

Which is likely why you hear the term Many Men Online Role Playing Girls as a way for the male players to feel as if they're protecting themselves. But then, if they didn't think to use a MMO as a dating service, what do they did to protect themself from? And if they're roleplaying, wouldn't it be the character concept that's important and not the player behind it?

My guess, I think BW will play it safe. I think we're going to see an equal number of OGR/SGR flirt options in all directions.