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Keeping the faith is just about all I can do right now and it IS hard. I can't help but feel Bioware are secretly planning on screwing us over somehow, even with all their well wishes.

Anyway, as to Makeb, what do people think is the likelihood that lesbian [Flirt]s will outnumber straight women [Flirt]s?

Toggles to turn off same-sex options are considered discriminatory and Bioware will not implement, nor entertain their discussion. Besides, there is already an option to not [Flirt] with someone - don't hit the button.
Oooo...tough one on that. I was actually thinking if they implemented SGR flirts, they might try to go heavier on the male/male route OR just give an even split, but with your question there, it makes me wonder, if they might have not chosen to add any OGR flirt options in Makeb (likely doubtful, but you never know).

Also agreed. If you don't think your character would flirt with the NPC, just don't pick the flirt option. However, I could see the option of a toggle that disables all romance options period.