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I guess all we can do now is just....wait and see. As we use to say in the Hold The Line movement for Mass Effect 3 regarding the ending: "Speculation for Everyone". And that all we can do right now is speculate. Doesn't make it true though. I'm just happy we got an answer. I hope that our companions will be SGRA soon. But as Obi Wan said to Luke: Patience, young Skywalker.

Even though I know that's really hard right now. Even for me.

Keep the fath, my friends. Keep the faith.
Keeping the faith is just about all I can do right now and it IS hard. I can't help but feel Bioware are secretly planning on screwing us over somehow, even with all their well wishes.

Anyway, as to Makeb, what do people think is the likelihood that lesbian [Flirt]s will outnumber straight women [Flirt]s?

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As for those who are repulsed by this option you could just make an option in setting to ignore same sex flirt options.
Toggles to turn off same-sex options are considered discriminatory and Bioware will not implement, nor entertain their discussion. Besides, there is already an option to not [Flirt] with someone - don't hit the button.